Our Equipment

Flexible, reliable, and well maintained equipment with state-of-the-art software is critical to producing high quality circuit boards. At Agility Mfg we are constantly seeking out new capital equipment that will fit with our goals and philosophy.

Mycronic Pick and Place

Agility Mfg Mycronic MY15e for PCBAGenerally accepted as the easiest and most flexible machines in the industry to program and change over. Hydra speed mount heads make them incredibly fast as well as accurate. High resolution cameras allow accurate, repeatable mounting of ultra fine-pitch components. Smart feeders allow quick and easy breakdown and setup of jobs. Our newest acquisition includes a Mycronic MY15e which also gives us large board and backplane capabilities.

  • MY15e Hydra w/ Line Scan
  • MY9e Hydra w/ Line Scan
  • MY12 Hydra w/ Line Scan
  • MY12 Hydra
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Screen Printers

Agility Mfg MPM UP3000 for screen printingThe MPM Accuflex system and the DEC Horizon .01 are industry leaders in reliable down to 10 microns of paste, automated stencil printing. Its flexible, modular design ensures adaptability to various board types, and its patented alignment system provides superior accuracy and repeatability. A good assembly starts with perfect paste. This machine stores individual job parameters which make change-overs quick and easy. Additionally, we have semi-automatic and manual screen printers in order to screen multiple jobs simultaneously. We've also recently added a SMT 2444BAM printer which gives us the capability to print boards up to 24 x 44 inches.

  • MPM Accuflex
  • DEC Horizon .01
  • SMT 2444 BAM for large boards
  • Transition Automation Semi-Automatic
  • Automated Production Systems manual
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Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)

Agility Mfg Mirtec for Optical InspectionThese machines optically inspect every board after they are assembled to ensure that component placement and solder joints are right every time.


  • Mirtec – MV2 HTL
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Seica Pilot Flying Probe

Agility Mfg Seica Pilot Flying ProbePilot is the world’s most versatile and complete automatic flying probe test system, offering the widest range of solutions and performances for flying probe test of electronic boards. The VIVA management software automatisms maximize the system’s capability to detect all possible faults. Advantages include:

  • Automatic creation of the test program
  • Automatic creation of the boundary scan program also for the non JTAG-type nets
  • Automatic elimination of test redundancies
  • Automatic error diagnostic
  • Single test report in VIVA environment
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Inspex X90 X-Ray System

Agility Mfg Inspex X90 X-Ray System for Electronic Sealed AssembliesThe X90 is a high resolution, real time x-ray system with Xvu image enhancement, measurement, and archival system software. The X90 is configured to optimally x-ray BGA's, QFN's, Flip Chip technology, and Electronic Sealed Assemblies for solder joint quality, voids, failure analysis, quality assurance and process verification. 3 Axis joystick control of the internal tray table allows for oblique/angular viewing of components.

  • BGA Measurements - Automated Inspection, Diameter Deviation, Voiding, Skew/Offset, Gray Values, Shape, Pass/Fail Reporting
  • Image Processing - Manual/Automatic Contrast, Pseudo 3D, Distance (Point to Point), Histogram, Wire Sweep, Image Storage, Text & Markers, Multiple Image Screen, and Image Comparison
  • Percent Void Measurments - Automatic Alignment, Total Void Area, Total Void Percent, Largest Void, and Largest Void Percent
  • Indexing Table - 20" x 18" board size, X-Y-Z Rotation/Tilt, Programmable Position with Variable Zoom
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Environmental Testing

Agility Mfg Russells G-16 ESS Environmental Testing ChamberThe Russells G-16 is a fully programmable ESS Chamber that not only exposes your product to extreme heat and cold, but will cycle between the two in order to ensure it can withstand changing temperatures in the harshest and most unpredictable real world environments.

  • Temperature cycles from -68°C to 177°C (-90°F to 350°F)
  • Holds boards up to 26” in length and Width and can stack to 26” in Height
  • Data Logger records and reports entire temperature cycle
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BGA Rework

Agility Mfg Denon RD-500S II Seriesfor BGA SMT reworkThe Denon RD-500S II Series Rework System is an automated single axis placement and reflow station for BGA/SMT rework. Using advanced computer control technology, the RD-500 series rework stations will meet the most demanding applications, including lead free rework.

  • 3-Point Cooling System - produces stronger solder joints
  • 2-Point Auto-Profiling - prevents package over temperature
  • Top Vented Nozzle Design - improves thermal isolation between adjacent components
  • Pre-Heat Temperature Set Point - improves thermal profile consistency and repeatability
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Scienscope Lead Free Wave Solder

Agility Mfg Sciensescope Lead Free Wave Solder for perfect Through Hole solder jointsCompletely software driven, this brand new technology allows for precise thermal profiling so that each unique board has perfect through-hole solder joints. Stores all process parameters and automatically adjusts itself for a quick and repeatable setup. Our Hollis wave is used solely for our leaded process.

  • Scienscope FL-MD450
  • Hollis Wave
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Reflow Ovens

Agility Mfg Reflow Ovens dedicated for both ROHS and NON-ROHSDedicated ovens for both ROHS and NON-ROHS production.



  • Electrovert OmniFlow 10
  • Heller 1700S
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Universal Insertion Machines

Agility Mfg Universal Insertion Machine for both DIP and Axial leaded through-hole componentsAutomated insertion machines for both DIP and Axial leaded through-hole components allow us to build through-hole and mixed technology boards fast and accurately.


  • Universal 6241B Axial inserter w/ 40 reel sequencer
  • Universal DIP Inserter
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Additional Equipment

  • ACE Technologies KISS 102 Selective Soldering System
  • ASC Vision master VM150 3D Paste Measurement system
  • Alpha Metals Ionograph
  • Westkleen Triton IV Inline wash system
  • Separation Technology De-Ionized wash system
  • FKN Systek board cutter / separator
  • Various Hakko and Pace soldering stations
  • Molex TM-3000 Universal Press
  • Ok Industries wave solder fountains
  • Ovens for drying and moisture control
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